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Register Your Team For DanceBlue 2018!

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As an incoming freshman, I had heard all about DanceBlue and its benefit for the DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic. Within my first couple weeks of being on campus, almost everyone I had met strongly encouraged me to make the effort of getting involved as a dancer. So throughout my first month at

Why We DanceBlue

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Morale Committee member and adopt-a-family team captain, Caitlin Crowder shares why she loves DanceBlue. When people ask me what DanceBlue is, I love seeing how they react when I tell them that it is a no-sitting, no-sleeping 24-hour dance marathon. I always get a wide-eyed face with the question, “you stand for 24

We are DanceBlue: What does DanceBlue mean to me?

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Katie Adams - Clinic Activities Coordinator What does DanceBlue mean to me? As a junior in high school, starting my first mini marathon, DanceBlue was something they did at UK. It was something I begged all my friends to come to, something I worked hours and hours to plan. As a senior in