Adopt – a – Family

The Adopt-A-Family Program offers your team the chance to take part in one of the most rewarding aspects of DanceBlue. By participating in this program you will have the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with a family who is enduring the hardships of having a child diagnosed with cancer. In addition to being a supportive force for the family, your interaction will also open your eyes to the battles families face on a daily basis when fighting cancer. It is our belief that the insight you gain through the founding of this relationship will facilitate a sense of understanding and compassion for your family, which will cultivate the establishment of a deeper connection between your partnership that will provide comfort, encouragement, strength, and hope for your family and child battling cancer.

The Family Relations Chair oversees the direction of the Adopt-A-Family Program, which offers interested campus teams the opportunity to adopt a family who has also signed up to be paired with a student organization. These Adopt-a-Family partnerships are created with the intention to build relationships between the students and families, with the hope that both your team and respective family will provide each other with continued strength to fight the battle against pediatric cancer. The Adopt-a-Family Program is responsible for serving the emotional needs of the Adopt-a-Families by making them aware of the resources available within the UK community and by establishing lasting and impacting relationships through the process of their work together. Communication between families and teams is extremely crucial, not only for families, but for students as well. We believe that the hands-on and face-to-face contact that both ends receive through the Adopt-a-Family partnership leaves a lasting impact that pushes each side to work harder in our efforts to conquer childhood cancer. Student organizations that are involved in the Adopt-a-Family Program are able to work directly with a child who is facing pediatric cancer. This unique opportunity is especially advantageous because it is through this immediate contact with these children that we are most readily reminded of the lives we hope to enhance through our mission.

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Brant Cornelius

William Tompkins

Adopt-a-Family Coordinators 2016

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