Our Committee

Hannah Talley

2025 Overall Chair

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO

Major: Human Health Sciences Pre-PA

Minor: Clinical Leadership Management

My first introduction to DanceBlue was freshman year when older members of my sorority were on Committee and encouraged me to get involved. Their encouragement inspired me to dance in DB22, and this experience changed my life. From then, I decided to apply for Committee and had the honor of joining the Morale Committee for DB23. With my experience on Morale, I was introduced to Mini Marathons and the joy they spread across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. After serving on Morale, I was a Mini Marathons Coordinator, which completely changed my perspective on DanceBlue and inspired me to apply to be Overall Chair for DanceBlue 2025. I am constantly inspired by every person who is involved with DanceBlue. Their constant love and support of the Clinic, the kids and their families, and Jarrett Mynear’s mission inspires me daily. In this twentieth year of DanceBlue, I hope to bring the mission and its love to more communities across our campus, community, and the state of Kentucky.

If you want to learn more, don’t know who else to contact, or want to talk anything DanceBlue, please reach out to me. Joy Prevails!

I DanceBlue to be a part of something bigger than myself, and show up every day for the kids and families fighting the hardest battles. DanceBlue brings so much joy and hope to everyone who is touched by the organization and I am so grateful to be involved!

Anna KeplingerDancer Outreach Coordinator, Dancer Relations

I DanceBlue for the laughter & joy that fills a clinic that should bring fear because of the purpose for being there. For the nurses, doctors, child life specialist, social workers, etc. that make every child feel seen, loved, and important. For the kids, that as a Family Relations member, I have come to not only know but also love. For the kids that have lost their battle, but left a lasting impact on my life forever.

Camryn DeatonFamily Events Coordinator, Family Relations

I DanceBlue so that one day every child can experience childhood to the fullest. DanceBlue means so much more than the marathon: DanceBlue brings joy and hope to those who need it most. With every donation we gather, every event we plan, and every marathon we host, we are moving the world one step closer to a cure. I DanceBlue for the same reason I do my research; I DanceBlue for the same reason that I strive to become a physician: so that no one ever has to fight this battle again and so that joy will always prevail. Everyone who participates and donates to this cause is helping these children fight a battle that no child should ever have to go through; and one day I will DanceBlue for the cure.

Matthew SepulvedaTechnology Committee

Why do I DanceBlue? If asked this question a year ago, it would’ve been to help raise money pediatric cancer and to help make a small difference in the world. However, now my answer has changed. Over this past year I had the opportunity to sponsor a kiddo in the clinic and that has quite literally changed my life forever. Getting to know one of the kiddos in the clinic and his family was so special and so eye opening. Getting to watch that same little boy ring the bell in May was such a full of joy moment. I DanceBlue for him. I DanceBlue for all the kiddos in the clinic and the ones who have won the battle. I DanceBlue for all the kids who have passed away due to this awful disease. They are the hope and light in the darkest of battles. As long as I’m living, I’ll keep on dancing and spreading awareness for them because they are truly so so special. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to dance for them!

Lauren MantleAdopt-a-Family Coordinator, Family Relations

I DanceBlue because it brings joy to those who need it most! DanceBlue is a collection of college students who are passionate about serving others, and it truthfully is such a gift in my life!

Jenna DannemanInternal Marathon Coordinator, Programming Committee

I DanceBlue for the joy and relationships that this organization brings to the kids, their families, and the entire DanceBlue community.

Jonathan RamseyExternal Marathon Coordinator, Programming Committee

Community Development Committee


Luke Karem

Community Development Chair

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Major: International Studies

Luke is a rising senior studying international studies and pursuing a masters in diplomacy. This is his third year on committee and he previously served on the Marketing and Morale committees. He is so excited to lead Morale and spread DanceBlue across the Commonewealth.

Hassan Kashif
Alumni Relations Coordinator

Ellie Kiper
Community Engagement Coordinator

Ellie Jones
Line Dance Coordinator

Devan Neely
Morale Coordinator

Jackson Riney
Morale Coordinator

Addison Johnson
Amelia Fincher
Andrew Dobbs
Aryan Patel
Ashley York
Audrey Scherr
Betsy Billings
Caleb Tackett
Cameron Snyder
Cara Cowans
Chad Bates
Chase Eastham
Christopher Taylor
Dalton Betram
Deya Andreev
Elizabeth Frericks
Emma Kollie
Glennon Orthober
Hadiyah Krueger

Hadley Carmichael
Hayden Burgess
Isaac Belcher
Jack Blue
Jackson Martin
Jacob Cole
Jamie Ashlock
Jenna Frederick
Jeremy Hays
John Kappes
Kathryn Bailey
Kenzie Skaggs
Kush Patel
Lukas Pietsch
Luke Caltrider
Mackenzee Gearhart
Maggie Templeman
Mason Hiep
Mason Wooten

Mia Adamski
Michael Penzone
Michael Scales
Morgan David
Natalie Eastes
Olivia Lovell
Peyton McCubbin
Rebecca Roberts
Robert Bransetter
Sam Eppert
Sarah Epstein
Sarah Foster
Taylor Majors
Teague Howell
Thomas Hawse
Tyler Lulek
Whitney DeHaven
Zack Wasson

Corporate Committee

Maria Hadjisavva

Corporate Chair

Hometown: Henderson, KY

Major: Human Health Sciences Pre-Med

Although I am from Kentucky, I was not familiar with DanceBlue until I came to campus. I was exposed to DB through my sorority and decided to participate as a dancer for DB 22. My first marathon was life-changing; everything about DB aligned with my personal aspirations for why I wanted to be a physician. After the marathon, I applied to be on the Corporate Committee, for I wanted to have a year-long impact for the kids in our clinic! This committee correlated with my previous business experiences through my family’s catering company and my parents’ entrepreneurial spirits. I have a passion for donation solicitation and was enthusiastic about the Corporate Committee’s Silent Auction. For DB 24, I was awarded the Corporate Events Coordinator position and oversaw the planning and execution of the 2023 Silent Auction. The Corporate Committee has been my home within DB! I am honored to lead this committee for the 20th year of DanceBlue! I look forward to fostering leadership within this organization, spreading Jarrett Mynear’s mission throughout the Commonwealth, and building long lasting corporate relationships!
If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, wanting to donate an item for the 2024 Silent Auction, or have general inquiries about what a partnership with DB has to offer, please reach out!

Clayton Feller
Corporate Relations Coordinator

Maria Hadjisavva
Corporate Events Coordinator

Claire Moffett
Claire Prater
Emily Cox
Emma Gibson
Ethan Ransdell
Jane Durbin
Joshua Griffith
Logan Thomas
May McInnis
Raychel Stone
Reed Schneider

Dancer Relations Committee


Anna Keplinger

Dancer Relations Chair

My journey with DanceBlue began through a mini-marathon at Lafayette High School. This experience taught me about the mission of DanceBlue and the overwhelming joy that exists within this organization, and my love for DanceBlue has only grown since then. I knew wanted to be involved with DanceBlue as soon as I chose to attend UK, and participated in DB22 as a dancer my freshman year. After my first marathon and witnessing the magic of DanceBlue firsthand, I decided to apply for a coordinator position on the Dancer Relations team. For the past two years I have served as the Returning Teams Coordinator and the Dancer Outreach Coordinator, and I could not be more exited to serve as the Dancer Relations Chair for DB25!

The passion and dedication of our dancers and supporters inspires me every day, and I am honored to work alongside them to have a successful year for the most deserving kids and families. If you’re interested in becoming a dancer or starting a team, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Anna Keplinger
Dancer Outreach Coordinator

Alison Lewis
New Teams Coordinator

Caroline Harper
Returning Teams Coordinator

Family Relations Committee

Meghan Ratliff

Family Relations Chair

Hometown: Paintsville, KY

Major: Kinesiology, Pre-PA

I was first introduced to DanceBlue’s tradition, reputation, and impact in early high school. Through social media, I watched as several UK students from my area posted their fundraising efforts, danced in the marathon, and served on committees. I became inspired by DanceBlue’s mission and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Upon coming to UK, I danced on my sorority’s freshman team in the 2022 marathon, and it was then that I fell in love with DanceBlue. During the 2022 marathon, it was evident that I not only wanted, but needed to do more to support clinic families and create more joyful moments for these ever deserving patients. I served on the Family Relations Committee for DanceBlue 2023, and it was one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences I have had to date. Seeing the resilience and unwavering strength of clinic patients and families is truly inspiring and is what pushed me to the role I am in today as Family Relations Chair for DanceBlue 2024 and 2025. What I love most about DanceBlue is its story–past, present, and future–coming together to ensure that the life and legacy of Jarrett Mynear is never forgotten and that joy continues to prevail.

‘Til the battle is won!

Caroline Youdes
Adopt-A-Family Coordinator

Lauren Mantle
Adopt-A-Family Coordinator

Peyton Sutton
Adopt-A-Family Coordinator

Camryn Deaton
Family Events Coordinator

Kaitlin Templeman
Family Events Coordinator

Lauren Grant
Clinic Activities Coordinator

Kate Mitchell
In-Patient Coordinator

Adam Swofford
Brynn Martin
Emma Perry
Erin Johnson
Jackson Graves
Katie Anne Brown
Kelsey Kennedy
Lauren Witt

Lauren Worley
Lexan Roberts
Madison Bush
Morgan Russell
Rachel Mushlin
Rileigh Smith
Sydni Reeling
Tucker Lloyd

Fundraising Committee


Ally Curry

Fundraising Chair

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Major: Nursing

My journey with DanceBlue began in high school when I attended my first Mini Marathon. The Moralers’ overwhelming joy and enthusiasm led me to want to further my involvement in college, and brought me to UK. I was a Team Captain for my first DanceBlue Marathon in 2023, an experience that allowed me to truly connect and fall in love with DB. To further this connection, I applied for a committee position and was fortunate enough to be the Team Fundraising Coordinator in 2024! Connecting the campus population with the Lexington community has been the highlight of my college career, and I cannot wait to continue spreading the mission of this organization as the 2025 Fundraising Chair!

If you have any questions on how-to donate or fundraise for DB, please reach out to me!!

Kelsey Siebenthaler
Internal Fundraising Coordinator

Ally Curry
Team Fundraising Coordinator

Marketing Committee

Anneli White

Marketing Chair

Hometown: Shelbyville, KY

Major: Marketing & Integrated Strategic Communications

marketing & integrated strategic communications

Growing up in Kentucky, I had always heard of the impact UK students were making through DanceBlue. Despite my hometown not having a Mini Marathon, I was determined to be a part of DanceBlue’s mission as soon as I got to UK’s campus my freshman year. That desire was realized when I served my sorority as the Polished Diamonds’ team captain for DB22. After those life-altering 24 hours, I decided I would continue to use my skillet to better love, serve, and care for Kentucky’s kids and their families as they walk through the unimaginable. As a sophomore, I was a Graphic Design Coordinator on the DB23 marketing team. Last year, I hand-designed and sold all of DB24’s merchandise as the Merchandise Coordinator. Now, it is my honor to follow the examples of DanceBlue leaders before me as I manage my incredibly talented team to promote the 20th Anniversary DanceBlue Marathon. My favorite aspect of DanceBlue is that it continues to reverse the narrative you’d expect a childhood cancer to write. DanceBlue trades gloom for gladness, loneliness for community, grieving for dancing, and pain for JOY! This beautiful exchange of darkness for light will be the foundation of DB25’s marketing efforts.

If you have any suggestions to improve DanceBlue’s podcast, merchandise, social media, or branding, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

John Adaniel
Graphic Design Coordinator

Kelsey Ruffner
Graphic Design Coordinator

Anneli White
Merchandise Coordinator

Luke Karem
Public Relations Coordinator

Emily Sawyer
Social Media Coordinator

Mini Marathons Committee


John Michael Morrison

Mini Marathons Chair

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Major: Architecture

Minor: Historic Preservation

DanceBlue began in my life my first semester of college at the University of Kentucky. I was told so much about what the organization was and how amazing the work is by former mini marathons chairs Cliff York and Isaac Sutherland. I quickly indulged in the annual 5k and danced my freshman year for DB22. Having such a life changing experience my first marathon, I joined my sophomore year as a committee member on morale, and last year I had the opportunity to serve as a mini marathons coordinator for DB24! I am beyond ecstatic to continue growing mini-marathons across the Commonwealth to help aid our clinic. I have the best opportunity to work with the greatest people and community leaders across the state of Kentucky! This past year has taught me so much and I cannot wait to continue raising funds and awareness to support our families, kiddos, and the clinic.

If you or someone you know would be interested in hosting a Mini-Marathon or DanceBlue fundraiser at an elementary school, middle school, high school, or even college, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hannah Talley
Mini Marathons Coordinator

Isabel Schmitt
Mini Marathons Coordinator

Josie Bailey
Mini Marathons Coordinator

John Michael Morrison
Mini Marathons Coordinator

Meaghan Haddix
Mini Marathons Coordinator

Operations Committee

Avery Day

Operations Chair

Hometown: Richmond, KY
Major: Psychology

I had the honor of first being introduced to DanceBlue when I was 15, at my high school’s mini marathon – shoutout Madison Central! DanceBlue was a huge reason why I chose to come to UK, and knew I wanted to be involved with the organization in any way I could as a freshman. I joined my sorority’s freshman team, and was a dancer in DB ‘22. Being a part of my first UK marathon was a feeling I’ll never forget! From there, I decided to apply for committee and served on the Operations committee during DB ‘23. After my first year on committee, I was ready to take my involvement a step further. With a newfound passion for Ops, I decided to apply for the role of Volunteer Coordinator for DB ‘24. Serving as Volunteer Coordinator allowed me to work with hundreds of UK students, faculty, and community members, and see the joy of DanceBlue inspire people to serve our organization. This year, I have the privilege of serving as the Operations Chair for DB ‘25, which is certainly a full-circle undertaking for me. My love for DanceBlue, its clinic, and our kiddos and families has only grown over these past six years. It is my hope that I will be able to play a small part in celebrating the life and legacy of Jarrett Mynear and bringing hope to KY’s kiddos during this 20th anniversary of DanceBlue.

‘Til the battle is won!

Avery Day
Volunteer Coordinator

Claire Katz
Food Coordinator

Ryan Beckwith
Personnel Coordinator

Bonnie Beth Olsen
Cami Sergent
Emily Hale
Haley Butler
Jacob Marquez
Jamison Butler
Joshua Koch

Kaden Chiles
Kaley Sloan
Kennedy Qualls
Kylie Goins
Mackenzie Conklin
Marissa Sautkus
Mike Gilbert

Natalie Hayosh
Olivia Young
Raegan Peterson
Rafe Hemmerlein
Sarah Tackett
William Rister
Zora Woolfolk

Programming Committee


Jenna Danneman

Programming Chair

Hometown: Fort Mitchell, KY

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

From the moment I was introduced to DanceBlue as I watched my sister participate in the virtual marathon in 2021, I knew that when I attended the University of Kentucky, I wanted to be fully immersed in the community of what the marathon is! From dancing my freshman year, being a member on the Programming committee my sophomore, Internal Marathon Coordinator my junior, and now finishing my last year at UK as the Programming Chair, I am utterly grateful for what DanceBlue 2025 will bring! DanceBlue is more than a 24 hour dance marathon. DanceBlue is joy, and highlights the strength of super heroes in the clinic. Programming is a chance to express creativity, and brings an element of imagination to the marathon. It is more than costumes and games, but a way to allow dancers to feel nostalgia, and partake in activities they played when they were kiddos. It is more than logistics of finding ways to move 800+ dancers around the concourse each hour! It allows for the dancers to interact with the families and crowd that come to the marathon, and ignites a way for people to bond, and utilize teamwork to power through the 24 hours, meeting so many amazing people along the way.

DanceBlue has been the biggest gift I have been able to receive from my undergraduate experience at the University of Kentucky, and I CANNOT wait to celebrate 20 years of seeing JOY PREVAIL during DB’25!

Madylin Farago
Hour Logistics Coordinator

Jonathan Ramsey
External Marathon Coordinator

Jenna Danneman
Internal Marathon Coordinator

Alex Chaney
Brooklynn Buboltz
Carson Neal
Ellie Boitnott
Haley brown
Isabel Bankemper

Jenna Rampenthal
Kat Logan
Katelyn Muegee
Kennedy Park
Lauren Suiter
Lauryn Hagan

Madeleine Spencer
Madison Evans
Max Libby
Megan Ansert
Ryan Gibson
Tomas McCormack

Technology Committee

Tag Howard

Technology Chair

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Major: Computer Science

As a Freshman at Henry Clay High School, I joined my school’s Mini-Marathon with a group of friends. I spent two years on Henry Clay’s Operations Committee, and then became a chair. I naturally applied for committee at UK in 2021 and was accepted as App and Web Coordinator where I led development on DanceBlue’s new app and website for three years. As tech chair,  I lead a committee of twelve amazing people who create videos, take photos, and build software that showcases all that DanceBlue is.

If you have any questions about video or photo production, the app, the website, or any content produced for marathon, you can reach out to me!

‘Till the Battle is Won!

Jackson Huse
App and Web Design Coordinator

Tag Howard
App and Web Development Coordinator

Lauryn Callahan
Photography Coordinator

Brooke Berry
Videography Coordinator

Allie Pennington
Camille Dyer
Cassandra Almond
Jack Bell

Keiler Belt
Kimi Dutka
Matthew Sepulveda
Skyler Trowel