Interview with a Team Captain- Kailey Young

Kailey Young, Team Captain for Dancing Queens

Why did you decide to be a team captain?
I decided to be a team captain to get more involved in DanceBlue!! This organization is very close to my heart, and after being apart of the new team of the year last year, I wanted to use my experience to involve more people!

What does being a captain mean to you?
Being a team captain means having the opportunity to share my love of and experience with DanceBlue with a team who cares as much as I do!

How have you encouraged your team to raise money and gain spirit points? 
I have sent messages through our group, organized carpools, and provided incentives to my team to encourage them to raise money and gain spirit points.

What is your favorite DB memory?
My favorite DB memory is realizing my freshman year team won new team of the year! Seeing our name on a plaque on the trophy and sharing that experience with my fellow team members was unlike anything I have ever felt. I was proud of all the money we had raised for the kids and honored to have been apart of such an amazing team and organization!

Why do you DanceBlue?
I DanceBlue for all the kids who have to be stronger than they should ever have to be. I dance for their families and friends who remain hopeful despite the hardships they face. And finally, I DanceBlue for the kids we have lost and the kids who are still so bravely fighting this battle.